People are attracted to people with energy. The more energy we have, the more others want to be around us.

This is not a cheer-leader type of energy – no-one wants a rah-rah type leader in the office. It’s about being positive and brightening up a room. Getting the energy you need is simple and rewarding.

I’ve put a short video together on how you can do this – be the type of person others are attracted too. You can get the full details here or by clicking on the image below.

Transcription Corporate Leadership Training iLead

Here is a corporate leadership training technique that will help you position yourself, your team, or your organisation in the market as a team, as an organisation that should be followed.

Brighten The Room When You Walk In (Not When You Leave)
In the Positioning module of the iLead corporate leadership training program, I talk about how we, as individuals, want to follow leaders who have good energy. There are two sorts of people in the room – those that walk into a room and brighten it up, and those that walk out of the room and brighten it up.
You’ve got to be in the first group.

To be a leader that can lead an organisation, who can manage a market, who can ensure that not only your career takes off, but the careers of those that you manage take off and they can achieve what it is that you want them to, you need to have good energy.

How To Get Positive Leadership Energy

First, are you getting enough sleep? Is your diet right? Are you getting the right amount of exercise?

Second, are you overworking yourself and your staff? If we take the analogy of football players – they play one game a week. They go hard for their one game. The rest of the week is recovery mode.

If you have your organisation, and they are being expected to work 10, 12-hour days and answer emails all night and then come in and be there at six in the morning, you’re going to get burnout.

You know there are problems with energy in your organisation if people are commenting about the amount of caffeine or Red Bull or other stimulants required to get through the day.

Give Your Team Energy To Lead

If you want your organisation to be positioned as a leader, the people on your team to be positioned as leaders, they need to have the energy from within, not from the stimulants.

When you can do that, you position yourself as a leader, and people become drawn to you, and you’re the person who brightens the room when they walk in, not when they walk out.

iLead Corporate Leadership Training

This is just one of the techniques that I share in the Positioning module of the iLead program that helps organisations make everyone in their teams step up and be the leaders that they can be, so organisations become more efficient.

What I want you to do is scroll down below and answer this question:

How do you feel when you come across someone who has natural energy, they just seem to be radiating energy, as opposed to the people who leave the room and brighten it up – how do you feel when you’re around those energy-suckers?

Would love to read your comments and to continue the conversation below.