One of the many questions I get when helping people become better leaders is how do they develop the leadership skills they want, but yet still remain authentic to who they are.

It’s a great question.

Module 7 of the iLead program shows you how to remain authentic to what it is you stand for. One of the areas we examine is what you say, how you look and how you sound. I’ve put together a short video that shows you how these three elements come together to be the leader you want to be. You can get full details by clicking on the image below.

Transcription Leadership Training iLead

Here are three areas where you can look to improve your authenticity, so people want to follow you and get on board with the message you’re sharing.

Authenticity is the 7th module of the iLead corporate leadership training program, and it looks at how you and your team can be seen as people who are authentic, genuine, and worthy of following.

There are three areas we look at for authenticity: are you authentic in what it is that you say, how you sound, and how you look.

This is so important, because you know that sixth sense we have when we listen to a politician or listen to our boss, and we just get that feeling of, “I don’t think this person’s got my best interests at heart.” This is authenticity coming through, and it’s what we teach in the corporate leadership training.

Corporate Leadership Training: Be Authentic In Everything You Do

The way you look comes into the way that you carry yourself. Are you comfortable with yourself and your message? The way you sound – does your voice convey confidence and assurance and what it is that you say? Is your message internally consistent? Are you contradicting yourself from one paragraph, one comment to the next?

When you have these sorted, and they’re consistent, your audience, your marketplace, your staff, your team will want to follow you. They’ll want to get on board with what it is that you say, and it’ll be much easier for you to lead.

And if you lead people when they are authentic to their staff or the market, it makes it easier for them to sell their message and sell products, and your organisation achieves its goal.

iLead Corporate Leadership Training: Discussion

This is just one of the many modules of the iLead corporate leadership training program that helps every individual team member within your organisation become more effective at being a leader in their role, so they can achieve more.

What I’d love to do is – below, pop down your favourite example of when you’ve seen someone who hasn’t been authentic with their message. Might be a politician, it might be someone you once worked for. It might even be yourself.

Pop it in – I’d love to continue this conversation about authenticity.