Sorry, but this is a bit of a rant!!!

I was recently working with a very senior business leader who had over 500 people in his business unit (there were several thousands of people in the organisation).

He was complaining that no one was (apparently) reading his e-mails. He wanted to know how to change this.

This is a common problem within big organisations. Messages are sent, but no one is reading them.

I asked him if he knew the people who weren’t opening and he couldn’t name them.

And that’s the problem.

To ensure that your organisation doesn’t have the same problem, I’ve put together a short video that will give you one powerful technique to help get e-mails opened, people on board with your message and improve productivity. You can get the details  by clicking on the image below.

Transcription Executive Leadership Coaching iLead

Here is a great technique on how you can help your staff buy into the message that you’re selling.

iLead Executive Leadership Coaching: Know My Name

The third module of the iLead executive leadership coaching program is about buy-in.

How do you get staff at all levels to buy into the message? Senior leaders have their strategies they need to get the organisation to implement. The level of success out of that strategy depends on how much the staff buy into it.

One of the easiest ways to get people to buy into your message is to know their names. Every person you manage – do you know their name?

And if the answer is yes, do you know their partner’s name, their children’s name, what they like to do on the weekend? But at basic level, you need to know the name of every person that you’re leading.

Now, I know some people are going, “I’ve got over 400 people in my organisation. That’s not possible.”

Well, don’t worry – this is not in addition to your normal job. This is your normal job.

Executive Leadership Coaching: Be A Leader

If you’re the leader and you want people to follow you, there needs to be a level of intimacy. People need to come together. And that intimacy starts with you knowing my name. If you want me to follow you, I need to know that you care about me. And that starts with knowing my name.

What the benefit of this is when you send out a group email and I see it’s from your email address, there’s a chance that if I know you know my name, I’m going to open your email. And there’s a chance that as I read your message I will hear your voice saying it to me.

If you’re the leader of a team, if you’re the leader of an organisation, of a business unit, you’re the leader, and the leader needs to know the names of the people they’re leading. Otherwise, there’s no incentive for the people to follow.

This is just one of the small techniques that are shared in the Buy-In module of the iLead executive leadership coaching program. What I want you to do is below, share with me the times where leaders, that you’ve worked for or had in your organisation, have known everybody’s name, and what it does for that individual who is known by the leader, and also for organisational success.