I’m often asked what is the best way to get people to listen to a message. This could be selling, getting staff to follow directions or a supervisor to give permission for you to start a project.

The solution is to go old school and tap into the way we have thought and communicated for thousands of years. You can get all the details on what it is here or by clicking on the image below.

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Here’s a technique on how you can connect with your audience, your staff, your marketplace, in a way that will bond them, and draw them to your message. I’ll share with you in a moment.

Confident Communication is the eighth module in the iLead executive leadership program. It shows individuals how to communicate in such a way, so others want to follow. This communication might be at the front of the room, on email, telephone, across the table meeting. The way we get people to follow our message and bond with it is to elicit the emotions in what it is you’re talking about. How do we do this?

How To Connect With Your Audience: Stories And Emotion

Well, humans, we’re emotional creatures, and we will bond to emotions. Where we find the emotions is the stories that sit behind the data. If you have information to share, what is the story behind it that your audience will listen to?

Now, your stories don’t need to over the top. They don’t need to be, “I climbed Mount Everest with a Sherpa on my shoulder and a broken leg.” Those sort of stories of “I’m over the top” are great, wonderful to listen to from motivational perspective, but from an engage-your-audience perspective there’s a disconnect that happens. “I wish I was that good to climb Mount Everest.”

Sharing Stories: Keep It Simple

The stories you use need to be simple, basic, and every day. If you use a story about coming to work, I can relate to that. If you use a story about having a tough weekend or fun with the kids or whatever it happens to be, I can relate to that. When you find an appropriate story and match your data, your message, to it, it comes alive. I will remember it, and therefore I’ll bond with your message. That is what brings the emotions out.

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Confident Communication is just one of the modules in the iLead executive leadership coaching program. Leaders need to be able to communicate, and that’s what this whole module is about. How do they communicate in a way that an audience wants to follow?

Please pop your comments in below, of some of your favourite stories that you’ve heard from speakers, managers, your boss, customers, that you’ve remembered over the years, and why you remembered it. And I guarantee you’ll find that there’s an emotional content to it. That’s what we do in our executive leadership coaching.