Alert: This is a bit of a rant!!!

As a single guy, it’s funny to watch how people go about selling themselves on a date. Most women get it wrong (I assume that men do too…I just haven’t dated any of them).

The number one rule of dating is simple. It’s interesting.

No one wants to hang out with or date someone who is boring.

But most people end up being boring on dates. Why?

The thought process goes something like this:
1. I need to be interesting on this date.
2. I need to identify what interests me.
a. Animals
b. Camping
c. Walks on the beach etc

3. Talk about that.

It seems simple enough and should work. But what if the person on the date isn’t interested in what interests you?

What happens is you don’t form a connection to see if there is a chance for a much deeper connection later on?

Unfortunately, many sales people do this as well, and it causes more sales to be lost than anything else. I’ve put together a short video to show you how to overcome this problem so you can sell more.

You can get it by clicking on the image below.

Transcription Executive Leadership Coaching iLead

Here’s a technique about how can get people more interested in your message.

Simple Sales is the ninth module of the iLead executive leadership program and what it shows you is how to go around creating your message so when you sell it’s easier for your audience to listen.

Executive Leadership Coaching: It’s Not About You

One of the techniques is the ‘It’s Not About You’.

Recently, a telemarketer wanting to sell me roof restoration called me. I picked up the phone, “Hello,” and he started introducing himself and his company and all the awards that his company had won and how good their company was.

And I was sitting there going, “I don’t care. I don’t care about you.” The reality is I care about me.

Most people who don’t understand selling will go in to sell to you from their perspective. That’s the completely wrong perspective to start from because you care about you.

When you set your team up to sell, when you sell messages yourself, start with what’s it about for the audience. It’s not about you.

iLead Executive Leadership Coaching: Discussion

This technique is small, it’s simple, but it is very powerful, and it’s just one of the many powerful techniques that are in the Simple Sales module of the iLead executive leadership coaching program.

Below, pop in what it is that you like when people come to sell you, or what techniques you have found that grate you or rub you up the wrong way. We’ll continue this conversation about simple sales so you and your organisation and your staff can increase the power of their sales pitch.