Just about every meeting these days has a death-by-PowerPoint session included.

This is terrible as no one likes having slides read to them.

But it’s understandable why it happens – we simply don’t have the time to prepare.

To help you, I’ve put together a short video on how to use cognitive structures to enable you to step away from reading slides to your audience. This is just one of the techniques in the iLead program.

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Transcription Leadership Skills iLead 

Leadership Skills iLead – Confident Communication – Cognitive Structures

Here’s a tip that will help you and your organisation get away from the death by PowerPoint presentations that are so common.

Confident Communication is the eighth module in the iLead leadership skills program, and what it’s designed to do, is show you and your staff how to communicate in such a way so people are joined to the message.

Status Quo: Death By PowerPoint

In organisations these days, when you come together for sales meetings, briefings, whatever the message happens to be, you’ll normally find the PowerPoint, and it’ll have the death by PowerPoint slides, with the bullet point, text, bullet point, bullet point, slide, the new logo, and another new slide with the logo on it.

These disconnect the audience big time. They have an effect that sedates the audience.

Death by PowerPoint.

Why does this happen? Well, we’re all very busy at work, we don’t have time to sit down and rehearse presentations, put half a day into this one-hour presentation to all the staff. You just don’t have the time.

So you put the notes up on the screen that you want to talk to, and then you end up reading those notes. The fact is, though, the audience reads them as well.

Leadership Skills: Cognitive Structures

A more engaging way for your audience is to set up the cognitive structures within your mind – and this is what the program Confident Communication teaches – on how to talk about Idea 1, and how Idea 1 leads into Idea 2, which leads into Idea 3.

When you have these cognitive structures – and they’re very simple to apply – what you’ll find is you’re able to produce longer presentations in a much shorter period of time, you have more confidence delivering them, you’re more engaging for your audience, and your audience wants to listen.

It’s a win on all fronts – there’s no death by PowerPoint.

iLead Leadership Skills: Discussion

This is just one of the modules, the Confident Communication module, that I share with my clients in the iLead leadership program so they can produce leaders who can get their message across in a way so audiences, the staff, internal, marketplace, customers, external, want to listen.

Please, below, pop down comments about some of the greatest speakers you’ve heard – not only the professional motivational speakers, but also bosses and leaders that you’ve had, and how they were able to engage you in their message with their leadership skills.