Every word you say either strengthens or weakens your message. If you want to have a stronger message you need to ensure that every word is helping you out. This is a small technique, but it has a massive effect on your message.

Today we’re looking at adverbs, and in particular, adverbs ending in -ly. Many people include adverbs ending in -ly into their message to make them more powerful, make them seem more sincere, and give themselves the emphasis and strength that they’re after. The irony is, that they reduce their strength as a leader, as someone who has authority, and someone who has influence.

Below are a number of excerpts from the media. Read them, and then read them again with the -ly adverbs taken out. You’ll see that when they are removed the message is stronger, has more focus, and is more believable. In essence, they have more influence.

When you’re going about your activities, pay close attention to what you are saying. When you hear yourself using –ly adverbs, just don’t say them. Don’t look to replace them – just leave them out.

This will increase your influence.

• Interestingly
• Basically
• Firstly
• Secondly
• Thirdly
• Clearly
• Hopefully
• (I) personally
• Potentially
• Really
• Essentially
• Obviously