Many good leaders weaken their message by the way they deliver it. They write a strong sentence which they deliver a tentative message. The biggest culprit in this is the inflection they place at the end of the sentence. Do they finish their sentence with their voice going up, down or no change at all?

Inflection Points

  • An upward inflection is tentative – it’s asking a question.
  • No inflection is a statement – just giving information.
  • A downward inflection is a command – telling someone what to do.

If you constantly have an upward inflection, it will tell your audience you are not sure of your message. If you use a downward inflection too often you can be seen as bossy.

A powerful combination is to ask a question with a downward inflection. This gives the politeness of asking a question with the subtle command of ‘just do it.’

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