Superannuation is one of the greatest assets anyone can have. Yet it is sold in the most boring of ways.

A highly qualified and skilled planner stands at the front of the room and reads slides to the audience. They talk of great returns and retirement lifestyle while the audience nods off. The presentation has valuable content that is hidden by an inability to engage and inspire.

In the most part, this is caused by planners having to stick to a rigid format to present. They are provided with a slide deck from the Member Services Department that Marketing has approved. The font is the right colour and size, and looks good on the corporate PowerPoint template. The legal disclaimer is comprehensive and prominent. The ensuing slides explain in detail, the average of history, so that members can walk out informed, and who will be excited to book a financial planning appointment. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

Member disengagement with superannuation is stubbornly high. It shows no sign of abating. While the workplace presentation will always be an important part of member engagement, it needs a make-over so it is more relevant to the member.

Better Presentation Skills All Round

Having good presentation skills is not only about being nerve-free when standing at the front of the room. It is also about engaging the audience with relevant material delivered in an appealing manner that motivates the member to become involved. Only when this happens, will members be drawn to the message that your fund sells.

Being more engaging starts with these three steps:

Ditch 80% of the slides. The planner is the source of the information – not the slides. When members spend their time reading the slides the planner becomes superfluous. This detracts from their positioning as a leader within their field. If the planner is an expert in their field, why do they need to read their message?

Tell stories. Humans are hardwired for stories – every culture, religion and society is based around stories. There is a reason for this. Tap into this hardwiring and people will become engaged.

Explain today. The return that you present, is a single digit representation of the last 12 months. It’s the average of history. More-over it does not represent what could happen in the future. To become relevant to the member, explain what is happening today. Explaining why the Chinese market lost 10% in 2 days is far more relevant and exciting to TODAY than the average of the last 12 months. This engages members.

When members are engaged in your message, they are more likely to book planning appointments. They will value the insight you offer and the skills you bring. When they value this it will be easier to engage them in their superannuation.

Bored members don’t book. Engaged members do.

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