With over $55 Billion wiped from the markets this week, what is the one thing that your members are thinking as they go into workplace presentations regarding Superannuation?

Are your planners equipped to explain what has happened and why it happened? Will they be able to offer insight into the likely knock-on effect of the fall, and what it means for the wider economy?

Or will they continue to run the same presentation they ran on Monday – explaining the returns achieved over the last 12 months, and asking for appointments for financial planning sessions?

If your planners are not focused on discussing, and explaining this week’s news, then you know why your members are not engaged with their super. Members are more engaged with what has happened this week, over what it will mean for three decades down the track.

To have the ability to ditch the standard presentation, and speak on the current movements, your planners need three things:

  1. Insight from your investment team. Not just data, but insight – what will all this mean for today, and my retirement savings.
  2. Ability to explain. Your planners need the ability to ditch the slides, and explain what has happened. If all your planners can do is read slides, they are just a talking brochure. They need to be leaders within their field of expertise.
  3. Reassurance. Showing that your fund understands the machinations of this massive movement. They need to relay how your fund is set up to handle these shocks, and how they are prepared to make even better returns off the back of it.

At the base of this, is your planners ability to share their message without a powerpoint slide deck. If they cannot, they will never be relevant to the member and what is engaging them today. This entrenches member disengagement and their connection to your fund and their Super.

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