Do you give yourself permission to hold your ground, and stop speaking when you need to?

Many people feel when there is silence, they need to fill it. In sales, it’s called the ‘pregnant pause’. When you ask the customer for the order number, you then keep quiet; the next person who speaks is usually the buyer or customer. The idea is, to keep quiet long enough and build the pressure on the customer so they buy.

To build your influence practice giving yourself permission to stop. If you’re asked a question, answer the question that has been asked, then stop. If people want more information from you, they will ask you for more information. But don’t offer it up – because when you start offering it up, you end up digging yourself a hole, and you potentially go into the “could, should, and shouldn’t” information.

When you control the information, when you deliver it as required, you’ll be seen as someone with influence.