When I was a kid, my Dad was a pilot. I loved going to the airport with him and flying all over Victoria. It was the greatest place to hang out.

Prior to each flight, Dad would have to submit a flight plan, and I’d watch in awe as he prepared it. He’d take out the maps of the area and study them, starting with where he was going to land. Once he knew his destination, he’d look at the path he needed to take so he could approach the runway in an optimum way. From there, he’d work back to ensure that he avoided any restricted airspace and that he had taken the most direct flight path. Then, once he knew which runway he’d be taking off from, he’d plan his climb out.

As it happens, this is also the best way to prepare a presentation too. You need to start with the end in mind to ensure you reach it. If the first thing you write is the opening, how will you know what to say so it leads into the body of the presentation if you haven’t written it yet?

Start at the end. It’s much easier.

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