How well do you fight for your position?

One characteristic that strong leaders and people of influence have is the ability to hold tight to their vision. When they come to a meeting, they know what they want, and they fight for it.

When you walk away from your meetings, after your phone calls, after emails that you’ve written, reflect on the type of language you’ve used, and how much you’ve fought towards staying on your message. Were you persuaded away from what it is you wanted to achieve? If you were persuaded away, what caused that? How strong were those arguments? In hindsight, were they strong arguments or weak arguments?

There is nothing wrong with you changing their mind. What is important, is how easily you changed it. How compelling was the evidence that caused you to change your mind? In instances where you were persuaded to change your mind, how comfortable were you with that decision? If you were not comfortable with that decision, what caused you to change? Was it within your control to not change?

The strength with which you hold your message will show those around you how committed you are to what it is that you stand for. When you can do that, you will be seen as a person of influence, someone who has authority, and is able to get their message across.