Sales reps need to gather more information to better service the customers needs.
Without this they are just the same as every other supplier.

Sales reps have three problems that hold them back from having the sales
conversations they need to. These include:

• Inefficient use of time. Sales reps are reactive and need to guard their time so
they can see more customers.

• Not asking the right question. Sales reps like to give answers, but they need to
flip it and get the customer to give the answers to their questions.

• Price war – Buyers know most reps will negotiate on price because they have
not differentiated themselves in the sales process.

Buyers restrict their availability to reps based on the value they bring. If a buyer will
only see reps on a set day they don’t see them as bringing value. You cannot get
around this by building a relationship – you must bring value to the conversation.
The greater the value the greater the access and the sales that follow.

This paper explains how to identify if your sales team offers value to the end user
and what to do if they don’t. It offers a framework you can use to establish and
increase the value your sales team offers.

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