The idea of building rapport on the first sales call is dead. It’s been dead for a long time. We all know it’s dead, but have been in denial about it.

It’s a little like a Weekend at Bernie’s. Everyone has been in denial about it being dead because it should be alive.

But think about it for a moment.

While rapport is essential, spending time building it on the first sales call is not.

If I call you to get an appointment, you hear what I have to say and we agree to meet, we have rapport.

If I turn up on time, sign in and you walk me to your office, we have rapport.

We are both there for a business discussion. I don’t need to ask how your cat is to build rapport.

We are both present for the same reason.

Once we have discussed business we can discuss your cat if we wish.

But up to that time you’re probably too busy to discuss your cat with a stranger.

When I come back for the second call it is a different thing.


This is an edited extract from my new book “Better Positioning Deeper Conversations More Sales”, ​Due out May 2016. To find out more and register for pre-release information click here