Most customers see sales reps as a necessary evil. They endure them because they need to, not because they want to.

But of course they like your sales people…Don’t they?

The 5 signs that your customers don’t like your sales reps are:

  1. Customer will only see a rep on a set day. If your sales team bring value they will be welcome any day the can make it.
  2. Buyers don’t return call’s or e-mails.
  3. Customers cancel appointments, forget about them or are not prepared for them. (the less sever form of this is the buyer who gives them 10 minutes and sends them on their way).
  4. Your sales people are stuck seeing low level gatekeepers with no access to real decision makers.
  5. Appointment setting for next week takes forever – even when done by a professional appointment setter.

These are the symptoms that show your customers’ don’t want to see your reps.

Building relationships wont overcome this because the customer doesn’t want to have a relationship.

Start offering value and they will be welcomed.

This is an edited extract from my new book “Better Positioning Deeper Conversations More Sales”, ​Due out May 2016. To find out more and register for pre-release information click here