Terminal uniqueness is a curse we suffer. We think we are unique – just like everybody else. We have the best service, a great product at the right price. Do you want to buy one?*

To us these are obvious factors that drive what we do. But to the customer it is just marketing guff. It’s all noise not music.

You’re better off to be relevant. When you’re relevant, service, price and lead times fall to second level importance.

But you can only be relevant when you can diagnose the customers’ problem. If you don’t know their problems you wont be relevant. If you’re not relevant your service, price and product wont mean a thing. If they don’t mean a thing there is no reason to buy.

Be relevant before being unique.


This is an edited extract from my new book “Better Positioning Deeper Conversations More Sales”. To find out more or to purchase copies of this book click here