There are three types of information that we deal with every day. They are:

  • Context – Big Picture
  • Content – nuts and bolts
  • Meaning – the impact.

It is the interaction between these types of information that will give you the edge in any sales presentation.

Context Content Meaning.001








The interaction between Content and Context is interplay. The Context will inform the content, and the content proves or disproves the context. Knowing this will show you what forces are at play in decision-making.

The interaction between Context and Meaning is Interpretation. How beliefs, values, experiences and expectations change what someone understands.

The interaction between Content and Meaning is Implementation. This exposes drivers of behavior. It is the proof of what will happen. It’s post purchase. Can they afford to operate what they bought? What action will they take?

These 6 levels of information are about awareness. They inform what is going on in any sale or presentation. Understanding this will keep you away from dealing on price.


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