There are only three possible outcomes after a sales pitch:

  • Pack – pack the order and send it out
  • Push off – Go away
  • Provide – give me samples, specs and pricing

Most companies have strategies for two of these three outcomes.

Pack is customer nurture. Push off is start again

Provide is where it is let down. Most companies have a 2 strategy approach for follow up. They are:

  • Begging (I’m calling to see if you’ve made a decision)
  • Advertising (here is a copy of the latest brochure).

Neither approach offers value to the customer, or dignity to the sales person. After all, who likes begging!

You’re better off to offer the customer value so they want to talk to you. (A discount is not value – it’s prostitution)


This is an edited extract from my new book “Better Positioning Deeper Conversations More Sales”. To find out more or to purchase copies of this book click here