Living in the knowledge economy, it will be incumbent on any sales person, leader and manager of people to be across the latest information in their field. This is more than just the latest trade journals and blogs. You need to be well read and have depth to your knowledge. You need to be across the work of the best selling authors in your field.

With thousands of books published every day you need a strategy to keep ahead of them. This is the strategy I employ:

  1. Download Audible to your phone (you get it from Amazon).
  2. Ask a trusted colleague/mentor what’s the best book they’ve read on your topic lately (You’ll be surprised at how few people do not read).
  3. Download it from audible and listen to it at 150% speed. This gets you through the book more quickly and stops your mind from wandering. Listen to it on walks, when in transit etc. Give the book 15 minutes. If the introduction does not grab you the rest probably wont either so ditch it.
  4. Repeat the process for other books referred to in the current book.
  5. Once a month listen to a book completely off your topic. I’m currently listening to An Autobiography of a Yogi. It’s fascinating! This ads breadth to your knowledge.

When you can outsmart your competition, you know more. In the knowledge economy that is the main currency. You can offer greater value to your team, clients and employer. That positions you as an asset to their business.

What’s the latest book you’ve read?