The typical Sales Presentation is like a bad date – the person talks about themselves all night while you have to sit there and listen. Sure you want to know about them, but you want to share about yourself too!

Sales people often fall into this trap. It happens for two reasons –

• We are narcissistic to a point. We think that everyone is interested in us and what we have to say*.
• The second is a lack of positioning and confidence. Without positioning they can’t control the sales conversation in the customers environment. Without confidence they cannot dig deep into the customers world to find out what they need to buy.

You can tell if your team lacks positioning by any of the three following signs:
• They (not the customer) are the focus on the sales call (we sell this, we do this)
• Sales calls are short (buyers don’t want to waste their time beyond 10 minutes)
• They don’t sell much

If your sales team has this problem, you might want to check out my January program Better Positioning, Deeper Conversations, More Sales. It’s being run in January when customers are away or just don’t want to see you. You can get the details here.

If you want your customer to think you are interesting, let them talk about themselves.



*You can test this in the next conversation you have. Say something about yourself and see how long it takes for the other person to make the conversation about themselves.