There are three ways to increase sales for 2017. They are:

  1. Do what you did in 2016 and hope for better luck. This is unreliable.
  2. Add more staff and/or products to sell. This is good but expensive and the lead-time is long.
  3. Develop positioning so people come to you. This is powerful, cheap and offers leverage.

Positioning is about assuming a position in the market and telling the market you own it. You do this by capturing what you know and using it to lead the market.

Positioning gives you:

  1. Marketing content that people read. No one reads ads anymore but they read content that is relevant to their business.
  2. A reason to see your customers. When you stop advertising and start generating ideas that are valuable people want to see you. This is the perfect excuse to call and see a customer.
  3. It’s easy – it is about what you know, your experience and how you can use that to sell more.
  4. An endless supply of information that keeps your market connected to you.

My program Better Positioning, Deeper Conversation, More Sales will show you how to position yourself as the leader you want to be so customers want to buy from you. You can get more of its details here.

How will you increase your sales in 2017 – luck or positioning?