In 2010 the iPhone 4 was launched. If you had one you were one of the cool kids. Now if you still have an iPhone 4 you keep quiet about it.

In 2014 it was common to go to the DVD store on a Saturday night to select a movie to watch. Now you’d be hard-pressed to find a DVD store because everyone is streaming Netflix.

Everything evolves – that’s the way life is.

Has your method of selling evolved to the same level your product has?

The main ways that presentations evolved are:

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The Contradiction in Presentations

The contradiction happens when you try to build a consensus as to why the audience should pay attention to your long sales pitch as you sell your cutting edge product.

Your product might be cutting edge, but your sales presentation isn’t.

Audiences get a gut feeling about your presentation and make a decision based on that. They then use the features of your product to confirm that gut feel.

What is the gut reaction they get from your presentations?