Last month I was in Cairns. I visited one of the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen. It was over 20 meters high and fell into a beautiful sun-drenched lake. The sound of falling water was crisp and energising. The sun glistened through the stream and created a rainbow in the mist. People of all ages from across the world swam together and enjoyed this wonderful place.

In your mind’s eye you can see this waterfall. You can see the people swimming and the water falling. Even if you have never been to Cairns you know what it looks like.

If I now show you a picture I took of this waterfall it will be different to what you have imagined. This makes the image you can see in your head wrong. No one likes being wrong.

The objective of any speaker or sales person is to get into their audiences mind. When you show images of what you are talking about it runs the risk of making the audience wrong. This shuts their mind off to your message.

Use PowerPoint with care. Just because everyone else uses PowerPoint does not mean you should too.

As always I’d love your thoughts on this.