My friend Peter Cook talks about taking a scientist’s approach to business – run experiments and see what works.

Scientists are comfortable with failure – they build their career on it.

They have a theory that “A causes B’. They test it with an experiment. If the experiment is a failure they write it up and share what they know and try again. Then they tweak or re-start the testing from scratch. They repeat this process with every theory they have.

Scientists see failure as valuable feedback and don’t expect anything to work first time. They test, measure, refine, repeat.

With the last sales campaign, marketing plan or product launch, did you just expect it to be perfect the first time, or did you realise that you would have to test, measure, refine and repeat?

This approach encourages people to try different ways of doing things and this is where innovation happens.

As Seth Godin says, “Where do good ideas come from? Lots of bad ones.”

As a leader, it’s your job to help people through their bad ideas so they can find their good one.

As always I’d love your thoughts on this here.