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The Other Side of Speaking

The other side of speaking is listening – it is where we spend half our day. But have you ever taken a course in it? When you listen to someone… Read more

Fear of the price

Many sales people dread the part of the call when they have to mention the price. They rush through it, stumble over it and generally mess it up. They freak… Read more

Leaders don’t think

Leaders don’t think, guess or believe. Leaders know. When you preface your message with, ‘I think…’ or ‘I guess…’ it weakens your authority. As always I’d love your thoughts on… Read more

Indecision vs. Wrong decision

More money is lost through indecision than wrong decision. As a leader it’s your job to make decisions. But we hesitate in making them because we are afraid of getting… Read more

Don’t make them wrong

Last month I was in Cairns. I visited one of the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen. It was over 20 meters high and fell into a beautiful sun-drenched… Read more

The Collingwood Supporter

The dedicated Collingwood* supporter is passionate. They wear the team uniform, attend games and stick by their team through thick and thin. They are passionate through and through. The thing… Read more

The Fire Hose

The fire hose is a great hose. You can put out buildings that are on fire and save many lives. There’s great value in having a fire hose. But if… Read more

How are you better than the other guy?

It’s a fair question to ask – why are your widgets better than the other suppliers? If you answer this direct you get into the ‘bagging you opposition‘ argument –… Read more

The Black Swan

The Black Swan looks graceful gliding across the water. But underneath the waterline the feet are working hard to make it look easy. It’s that way for many speakers. You… Read more

The Non-Icky Close

My friend Taki Moore talks of the non-icky close. Instead of asking the customer if they want to buy he asks them, “Where do you think we should go from… Read more

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