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True to You

We have all seen the election pitch that we don’t believe. The politician is lying. They know they are lying; we know they are lying; they know we know they… Read more

The Pitch: Your presentation skills are irrelevant…until

Your presentation skills are irrelevant*….until you have a boring message. When your message is boring, does not make sense or is not convincing, people then look to your presentation skills… Read more

Pitching: The Future is not Logical

Despite thousands of years of trying, we are not able to predict the future of non-standard events with any certainty. I’m pretty confident that the sun will rise on December… Read more

Authenticity & Alignment

Authenticity has two sides to it – to yourself and to what others expect from you or your position. If you get this right work is easy and challenges are… Read more

Why New Years Resolutions Fail and What to Do About Them.

Each year we make New Years resolutions. On 1 January we are keen to lose the weight, start a business or get back into shape. However, by 5 January, most… Read more

The Noble Prize for Science

One of my childhood hero’s was/is Dr. Karl (Kruszelnicki). He understands and can explain just about anything from microbial disorders through to problems with inter-planetary travel. When he can’t answer a question he… Read more

Three ways to increase sales in 2017

There are three ways to increase sales for 2017. They are: Do what you did in 2016 and hope for better luck. This is unreliable. Add more staff and/or products… Read more

Elon Musk and Sales People

Elon Musk (co-founder of PayPal, Tesla and Space X) is famous for how he treats sales people on their first sales call. If a sales person spends time trying to build… Read more

Sales Presentations

The typical Sales Presentation is like a bad date – the person talks about themselves all night while you have to sit there and listen. Sure you want to know… Read more

Networking Events

Networking events are about engaging – not selling. To get engagement people need to find you interesting. This is where most people fail. Being interesting should always be about them… Read more

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