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Social Norms

There is an old saying that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. We are social creatures and we take on the social norms of… Read more

The Problem With Free Advice

No one takes free advice because it is not sold to them. It is just given. They have no commitment to it. When we don’t make a contribution in a… Read more

Choice vs Perception

The great relationship coach Lorna Patten says that we get to choose our feelings 100% of the time. No one else can make us feel anything. Whether it is love, fear, anxiety,… Read more

Optional or Essential?

To you and I, the iPad is an optional part of life/work/leisure. Sure, life is better and easier with it, but we remember a time before iPads and could live… Read more

Don’t be a D!ck

The default position for most people is to trust others until something tells us otherwise. We trust the business we are dealing with to remain solvent during our transactions, we… Read more

Sweat the small stuff

Coz it’s all small stuff. It is seen in how you: – Treat the waiter – Talk about the cleaner – Respond to the demanding customer – Manage your desk… Read more

Fail this way

My friend Peter Cook talks about taking a scientist’s approach to business – run experiments and see what works. Scientists are comfortable with failure – they build their career on it. They… Read more


It’s tempting to put people on a ladder. I sold more than him so I’m a better sales person. She can run faster than me so she is fitter. But… Read more

The Office Narcissist

It’s easy to spot the office narcissist. They make your story about them. You: I went to Europe on my holidays. Them: I went to Europe two years ago. You:… Read more

The Last Word

You don’t always have to have it. Sometimes others can have it. It will increase your ability to connect and influence. As always I’d love your thoughts on this here…. Read more