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It’s tempting to put people on a ladder. I sold more than him so I’m a better sales person. She can run faster than me so she is fitter. But… Read more

The Office Narcissist

It’s easy to spot the office narcissist. They make your story about them. You: I went to Europe on my holidays. Them: I went to Europe two years ago. You:… Read more

The Last Word

You don’t always have to have it. Sometimes others can have it. It will increase your ability to connect and influence. As always I’d love your thoughts on this here…. Read more

Back, Ears and Heart

Connecting and influencing others is easy. Just don’t turn your back, don’t cover your ears and don’t close your heart to them. This will help you connect. Connection is at… Read more

Any Questions?

When you ask an audience if they have questions you are handing control of the conversation to them. This is a great way to engage your audience so they can… Read more

The Most Common Objection Isn’t

The most common objection of ‘it’s too expensive’ isn’t an objection at all. It’s a negotiation. They are not saying they don’t want what you are offering, they are saying… Read more

Talk to a man about himself

‘Talk to a man about himself and he will listen to you for hours.’ – Benjamin Disraeli* So now you know how to open your next PowerPoint presentation, sales pitch,… Read more

The Other Side of Speaking

The other side of speaking is listening – it is where we spend half our day. But have you ever taken a course in it? When you listen to someone… Read more

Fear of the price

Many sales people dread the part of the call when they have to mention the price. They rush through it, stumble over it and generally mess it up. They freak… Read more