There’s a common mistake I see many leaders within organisations make. It costs them in terms of productivity, sales and buy-in to the bigger picture. It’s particularly true with leaders who manage geographically disperse staff and those who have large numbers of staff. It’s easy to fix, and doesn’t cost a thing.

The mistake resolves around our basic biological, psychological and sociological needs for food – and to share it. The problem is easy to fix and has a massive payoff.

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Here is a technique about how you can increase buy-in at all levels of your organisation for your ideas.

The third module of the iLead Corporate Leadership Training program is about buy-in.

Getting Buy-In For Your Organisation

How do you get people to buy into your message?

Many organisations send senior leaders offsite for a day or two, to develop strategies for the next 12 months, and the success of that strategy comes down to how well those senior leaders can sell it and obtain buy-in from within the organisation.

One of the easiest ways to get people to have buy-in is what is known, in religious terms called break bread, is to share a meal. We are social creatures; we are people who are driven, by biology, psychology, sociology, to come together and share food.

Treat Your Staff To A Meal

If you’re in senior management, and you look after branches, staff interstate or even around the corner, and your visits and your trips are all designed around fly in late one night, meetings all day, and the last flight out, what happens is you miss a major opportunity to bond with your team, the people that you are leading, so they will want to buy into your message.

Eat with your staff. Go to the lunchroom, sit down, and hear what they have to say. Be a person. Don’t be the senior leader. This doesn’t mean putting on a three-course lunch and inviting people around and hosting the dinner. What it means is being sociable and getting to know the people that you work with, that you lead.

It works in the iLead corporate leadership training program. It can work fo you.

iLead Corporate Leadership Training: Eat With Me

We have biology needs, of needing to eat; we have psychology needs, of wanting to form part of a group; we have sociology needs, of wanting to be part of a wider organisation. And we, as a society, do that around food. If you want people to buy into your message, a simple technique that you can use is just simply, “Eat with me.”

What I’d love you to do is below, pop in how you see people in organisations coming together around food, and what that does for cohesion. Maybe how it would help senior management in any organisation bond with the staff that they’re leading and get them to buy into your message.