I was recently with a client who was searching for ways to help one of his senior managers improve. The manager was great, but his team wasn’t getting the results they should have been getting. My client thought it was not the teams fault, but rather that they weren’t getting the message from the manager.

After looking at the communication style of the manager, I noticed he was using a de-leveraged communication style…and it’s more common than you think.

I’ve put together a short video on what a deleveraged communication style is, and how you can overcome it.

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Here’s a technique from the iLead Corporate Leadership Training program about building trust and how people will trust you through the way that you communicate with them.

How To Get People To Trust You

In the iLead program, the module on trust looks at how do you get people in your organisation, your market, to trust you and want to follow you.

One of the elements of trust is the way that we communicate.

Most people, unfortunately, have a de-leveraged style of communication. They know that they should, for example, go knock on someone’s door to explain a new business, but they say, “Maybe I’ll call them. That’ll be quicker; that’ll be easier.” Or, make a phone call to let them know that the order’s gone on back order and won’t be out for two weeks. “Uh… but you know, it might be easier just to quickly send an email.” Or maybe it should be a case of “I’ll send an email to let them know that the order has been dispatched and will be there in two days,”, but nothing happens.

We de-leverage the way we communicate.

What that does is increase the level, the distance of trust within you and the audience.

Corporate Leadership Training Leads To Better Communication

A better way, to communicate with your audience, is to gear it up. If you should be sending an email to someone to say, “Hey, the order’s been dispatched, you’ll have it tomorrow,” pick up the phone and call them. If you should be calling them to say, “Hey, the order hasn’t been dispatched,” can you send someone around? And if your first point of call is to say, “Hey, I’ll go around and explain new business and new product to them,” can you take them out to lunch.

When communication lines open within your organisation, between management and staff or between your organisation and customers, trust is increased. Why? Because we can turn our BS detectors on, look the person in the eye, and say, “Yes, I trust you.”

iLead Corporate Leadership Training

This is just one of the many modules, the Trust module, in the iLead Corporate Leadership Training program, which shows you and your organisation how to position yourself as leaders in the market so every person in your organisation adopts the leadership mentality and can lead the market.

What I’d like you to do now, is tell me what your communication style is by leaving a comment below. Is it a deleveraged or is it a geared forward so you can build greater trust within your organisation?