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Origins of Fear

Public speaking is a fear of many people. They let nervousness take control of their mind and body, and their message is lost. Knowing what is causing the fear is… Read more

Superannuation: Bored Members Don’t Book

Superannuation is one of the greatest assets anyone can have. Yet it is sold in the most boring of ways. A highly qualified and skilled planner stands at the front… Read more

Inflection Points – Presentation Skills

Many good leaders weaken their message by the way they deliver it. They write a strong sentence which they deliver a tentative message. The biggest culprit in this is the… Read more

Warrior Breathing

People perceive your influence through the level of energy you have. If you have lots of energy, they will want to listen to you. If you’re lethargic, they will not…. Read more

Your Look

Influencing your audience, customers or staff, is as much about how you look, as well as what you are saying. If your look is not congruent, then people will pick… Read more

No Such Thing as a Benign Word

Every word you say either strengthens or weakens your message. If you want to have a stronger message you need to ensure that every word is helping you out. This… Read more