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I Guess You Had to be There

Humans are hard-wired for stories. The Aborigines have been telling stories for over 40,000 years; every religious text is a collection of stories and the nightly news shares stories from… Read more

Ramp the Risk

Engaging your audience physically in your presentation, is risky on two fronts: For the Speaker – what if they don’t get involved – I will look silly. For the Audience – what… Read more

The Power of Leveraged One-to-One

There is a way to structure your message so that every person who hears it, feels as though you are speaking directly to them. You do this by constructing your… Read more

Connecting the Head, Heart and Hands

The idea of speaking is to make a connection with your audience. If your audience is not connected to your message, they won’t hear it, and they can’t follow it…. Read more

Information is Power

Information is power. Sharing the right information, in the right way, at the right time, will make you a more influential person. There are three types of information that can… Read more

16 Ways to Get Your Message Across

In the early 1980s, an American psychologist, Howard Gardner rocked the psychological world by declaring that there were 16 types of intelligence. Up until this time, the dominant thought was… Read more