The buyer does not care about you.

They don’t care how old your company is, how long you have been working in your position or how many awards your company has won.

They have no reason to care. They don’t wish you malice – they just don’t care what you have done. The buyer only cares about themselves.

They care how they will be better off after listening to you, how they will be able to use what you tell them to make better decisions in the future and to take better actions. They care about what is important to them.

We know this is true. Just look at the biggest movement in history – Facebook. Facebook is nothing more than a platform to tell other people what you are doing. (There is a secondary bonus to this that you can see what others are up to as well.)

Present your message to market in a way that means something to the buyer. That way they will care about it and then they’ll care about you.



This is an edited extract from my new book “Better Positioning Deeper Conversations More Sales”. To find out more or to purchase copies of this book click here