The most important presentation in any organisation is the sales presentation. If nothing is sold there is no money coming in and no business to continue.

Contrary to popular belief (and demonstration by countless sales people) presenting your offer is not about telling the customer what you have. The customer does not care what you are selling, why you are selling it or how much it costs.

They want to know why they should listen to you, why they should give you the next 10 minutes of their day…and life. If you can’t give them a good enough reason they won’t listen to you. You will be labelled as a Time Waster.

How do you know if you’re a Time Waster? Look at the first three minutes of your sales presentation or pitch. If it is about you, your companies’ history or your products you are most certainly a Time Waster and you are missing out on deals.

To avoid this you need to know how to position your message so you can engage your audience and influence them to buy from you.

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If you are opening by speaking about yourself you need to change that.