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The Pitch – You’re on Trial

When you stand at the front of the room and share your message you are being judged. The audience wants to know: 1. Can I trust this person? 2. Do… Read more

The Pitch – Education Trumps Everything

In most tender pitches, an average hopeful contractor stands before the decision makers and will do one of 2 things: 1. Re-present the highlights of their tender documents – as… Read more

The Pitch: Cut Consider Choose

The tender cycle has three stages, each with their own objective. Unfortunately most that make it to stage 3 answer the final question the wrong way and miss out. Stage… Read more

In Defence of Jargon

Despite the bad wrap it gets, Jargon* is an essential part of the workplace. Without it communication would take far too long. There are three objectives of Jargon: Objective 1… Read more