Last week I was in the Blue Mountains working with a client from the tech industry. The client had rented a small conference venue complete with open fires, communal living areas and basketball courts. It was a great place to shift behaviours. They created an experience that the staff would remember for years to come. You can see the details here.

On the way home I called into see the Three Sisters in Katoomba. There were people from all over the world there enjoying the amazing view and taking photos to help remember the experience at a later date.

The photos that they were taking were their versions of the amazing photos you can get of the Three Sisters on Instagram.

So why bother going to Katoomba to see it when you can get better photos online? You could save yourself a fortune in travel and hassle!

The reason we visit is that we humans love experiences. We love experiencing an event, learning through it and remembering the emotions later. Experiences allow us to involve all our senses and arouse emotions in ways that helps us remember. People become bored when they are not experiencing something.

Events have the ability to shift perspective, arouse emotions and change behaviour.

That’s what great training should do. Create an experience that causes behaviour change to stick.

It’s what my friend and mentor Matt Church has taught me to do – create an experience that is so good that it changes behaviour that has a lasting impact. Couple this with world class IP and people can emerge from a training room ready to implement their new skills.

Or you could save yourself some money and get them to watch some online training videos….at their desk….on their own.

As always I’d love your thoughts on this here.


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