It’s the wrong question because it’s based on a belief.

Beliefs are hard to change and they can never be wrong. Beliefs are bound up in what we think about ourselves (I’m a rational person), our biases (I don’t have any – I’m fair to all), what we think people like us should think (everyone knows this!). 

Changing a belief means admitting how I defined myself today needs to change for tomorrow. 

A better way to influence someone is to introduce doubt around their belief. You do this with a better question. Instead of asking if they believe in climate change, ask if they understand climate change.

Whether someone believes in climate change or not is a moot point – it’s happening with or without their belief.

If you ask better questions you get better answers…and more sales.

And a very big THANK YOU to all the volunteer and paid firefighters who have put themselves in harms way to protect our communities this Spring and Summer….and Autumn too.