When the world changes, everything changes.

Sometimes it’s for the worse and we can’t go out, play sports and keep our economy alive.

But sometimes it’s for the better. Things improve at a rate of change not imaginable under the old circumstances. Some of the recently unimaginable things we’ve seen in recent weeks include:

  • New Behaviours. Our political leaders acting in the best interest of the country and not their donors
  • New Thinking Emerge. A new ventilator has been developed in 4 weeks and can be made for 1-tenth of the price of the standard unit. These machines usually take years to develop.
  • New Respect. Many parents doing home schooling are realising just how hard teachers work!

None of these things would have happened if it were not for COVID-19 pushing us for a new way forward.

What’s changed for you? My clients are telling me:

  • They are less busy, but more productive.
  • They are speaking to their family more often.
  • Realising that a lot of their meetings just don’t need to happen.

For me, I’ve:

  • Gone Deeper. Lack of travel has enabled me to go deeper into my IP.
  • Developed New. I’ve developed new IP for a program to give sales people greater influence when selling on the phone. Clients are loving it.
  • Moved Online. I’ve set up a studio to deliver my programs online. Delivering in short sessions gets around the old problems of travel, findings days in the diary that work for everyone and taking people off the tools for a whole day.

For many of my clients, this shut-down is not about survival but rather preparation for launching on the other side. If you want to know about this, please shoot me an email.

What’s changed for you?

As always, I’d love your thoughts here.