What if this – COVID, lockdown, everything stopping and only just re-emerging now – was the exact way it was meant to be right now for you?

What if it was the exact thing you needed to restart an idea, chase a dream, change your life? What would you do?

How does this change the way you view the world?

If you’ve ever said, “Stop the world I want to get off!” they just did. What will you do now that we are getting back on?

You may not think that this is the exact way that it is meant to be for you right now, but how do you know that?

Chris Helder wrote the fantastic book ‘Useful Belief’. Thinking that something is exactly as it should be for you is not positive thinking and living in denial. Rather it’s just a more useful way to see the world. It opens up possibility, opportunity, and alternatives for the future.

If this is exactly what it should be for you right now, what will you do with it?

Back to Work – Selling in the post-lockdown world.

I reckon selling in the post-lockdown world will be different in 3 ways:

  • Customers will be working from home – they won’t see sales people without a specific reason.
  • This will drive more BD calls on to Zoom – how do you build rapport with new customers?
  • When customers are onsite they will be super busy and will have less time for sales people.

With Job Keeper ending in just a few months, the pressures on sales teams will go through the roof.

I’m running a free webinar ‘Back to Work: Relaunching sales on the other side of lockdown‘ next Friday on what can be done about it. You can get the full details on the link below.

As always, I’d love your thoughts here.