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The world has changed, have you?

We all know the world has changed. Masks, lockdowns and jabs will be a feature of life for many years to come. And while many of us know this, often… Read more

Pragmatic @ Work – Control in the Workplace

I’ve been thinking about control a lot lately – how people react to it, what happens when we don’t have it and how we try to get it back. Over… Read more

How many questions to sell?

In a recent webinar about questioning techniques, a participant asked, “How many questions does it take to sell a product?” Great question! Gong* says the ideal number is between 11-14… Read more

Back to Work: Selling in the post-lockdown world

What if this – COVID, lockdown, everything stopping and only just re-emerging now – was the exact way it was meant to be right now for you? What if it… Read more

The Upside of COVID

When the world changes, everything changes. Sometimes it’s for the worse and we can’t go out, play sports and keep our economy alive. But sometimes it’s for the better. Things… Read more

Keeping Sales Up When Customer Visits are Down

With social distancing set to be the dominant theme of 2020, businesses will have to find new ways of servicing their customers without going onsite. Understanding how this set up… Read more

Why ‘why’ is the wrong question, and what to ask instead

When you ask a question as to why someone thinks a certain way, the answer you get reinforces their position. This makes it harder for you to move forward. This… Read more

Do You Believe in Climate Change?

It’s the wrong question because it’s based on a belief. Beliefs are hard to change and they can never be wrong. Beliefs are bound up in what we think about… Read more

Why Your Influence is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Many sales people go into a sales call with the wrong focus. This incorrect focus happens because it’s easy and is common place. But it hurts sales and causes sales… Read more

Me or You? Sales Conversations in the Machinery Industry and How to Get a Better Outcome for Everyone

Many sales people go into a sales call with the wrong focus. This incorrect focus happens because it’s easy and is commonplace. But it hurts sales and causes salespeople to… Read more

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