Speak as the leader you are

When you’re at the top it is your job to engage and motivate your colleagues, shareholders and staff.

Darren Fleming helps senior leaders get there with intuitive, intelligent one-to-one presentation mentoring that’s focused on you.

Our one-to-one executive presentation mentoring program will equip you with the skills to share your messages with key stakeholders — maximising your effectiveness and credibility, and ensuring endorsement and advocacy.

Master skills including…

  • Personal skills benchmark – accelerate strengths, address opportunities
  • Letting go of bullet points – overcoming reliance on PowerPoint
  • Building confidence – understanding and taking control of nerves
  • Discover, nurture and exploit your personal IP
  • Step out of the mould – be different, be remembered
  • Be audience-centric – deliver the message they want to hear
  • Spot and eradicate filler words from your dialogue
  • Engage and enthuse – from the first word to the last
  • Presentations in a box – ready-to-go structures for instant use
  • Emotional connections – tap their energy, share your vision
  • Be the leader they want and need you to be