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Sales Training Course

In a crowded market you need positioning

When your sales team can identify and solve the problems the prospect has, the prospect will want to deal with them.

Sales teams face significant issues in today’s market. A crowded market place, online suppliers and a more informed customer all combine to place great pressure on your team and margins. Standing out does not come from having stronger relationships – it comes from having better positioning.

Our world class sales training courses will give your team members relevant and practical techniques to meet as equals, understand as the expert and then guide as the authority.

Master skills including…

  • Understanding the problems prospects need solved
  • How to get into their diary today
  • Meeting as equals
  • Protecting margins
  • Leading the sales conversation in the prospects office
  • Challenging client assumptions
  • Asking tough questions
  • Positioning yourself as the authority to deal with
  • Moving the sale to the close
  • Avoiding objections
  • Handling questions

Darren Fleming has perfected the Authority Sales Framework which can increase your sales opportunities by 25% across a quarter, and help you secure orders at optimum margins for your business.

Put your sales team on our program and they will learn how to…

  • Add value to clients’ business outcomes
  • Maximise their time efficiency
  • Secure decision maker’s attention
  • Uncover the real needs of prospects
  • Engage in deeper, more meaningful dialogue
  • Secure an order now, not a future promise
  • Become an equal partner in the relationship

This program can be tailored to suit your needs. The duration can be from a half-day program though to a several month engagement.