Darren Fleming — by the book

The most important presentation in any business is the sales presentation.
These four books will help you grow your sales.

How to write a 10 minute presentation in under two minutes

What if you could write a 10 minute presentation in under two minutes?

Better yet, what if you could write one that
• Positions you as a leader
• Powerfully communicates your message
• Compels your audience to take action

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More Sales, More Profit

It’s possible to increase your sales opportunities by 25% across a single quarter by building better positioning and having deeper conversations.

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Don't be a D!ck

Creating connections that make influence happen

• Don't turn your back
• Don't cover your ears
• Don't close your heart

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Selling for Accountants

Without a sales conversation nothing happens. You can’t sell your services, and the client misses out on the advice they need. If you avoid having sales conversations too much, you are forced to accept the wrong work, reduce your fees to win work, or close your doors. But if you can have a regular commercial conversation you can grow your practice and remain open.

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