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Position | Engage | Influence

Your ability to speak with confidence shows the strength of your leadership. Darren Fleming will show your team how to step away from reading PowerPoint slides and speak as the leaders they are.

Most leaders are time poor, do not have a structure for creating presentations and have never been shown how to bring a message to life. When they have to present all they know to do is model what everyone else does – that is read slides. This bores them and the audience and wastes time.

Our presentation training is built around our Executive Speaking System. This system shows your team how to organise what they know so they can remember it at the front of the room. It will give them the tools to bring a dry message to life and engage the audience so they remember the message.

Master skills including…

  • Positioning yourself as a leader
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Structuring presentations
  • Telling stories
  • Capturing attention
  • Engaging openers
  • Conveying emotion
  • Inspiring responses
  • Learning stagecraft
  • Eradicating ‘errs’
  • Handling questions
  • Being concise

Watch and learn

There’s nothing like seeing yourself in action to understand how your audience perceives your presentation skills. Our presentation program offers you the option to work with us to analyse a video of your training presentation to emphasise strengths and work on improvement areas to ensure that you perfect your technique.

Our presentation training is perfect for large groups, smaller teams, and one-to-ones for senior decision makers.

All the support you’ll need

Every Darren Fleming presentation training course comes with six months’ support — by telephone, via e-mail, and online.  We’ll also send refresher training and regular tips every month to you keep at the top of your game.

Open to the Public Course

Just a few people to train?
This course is offered as a public course as well.

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